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At Framlingham Environmental we can help with all aspects relating to fish.

Whether it is too many fish or not enough we can help. It has long been established that certain coarse fish species such as bream and carp can have a detrimental effect on flora & fauna.

It is recognised that even surface feeding fish such as rudd can have a devastating effect on great crested newt populations.

It has been proven that high populations of fish have a serious effect on aquatic fly larva resulting in poor survival of young waterfowl.

We can remove fish for environmental conservation, illegal stockings, over population or for de-watering management purposes. With 29 years experience in using nets, traps and electro-fishing equipment to ensure we can handle any situation.

We regularly remove, transport and hold fish from waters which are to be drained for de-silting, bank side works etc. On such drain downs, especially in public areas, leaving fish high and dry flapping about in the mud can create a real headache. With our help these fish can be removed and re-homed as the water is drained, and once refilled, returned to their original home if required.

Supply of Fish

We supply a full range of coarse fish and trout.

As well as supplying fish for angling and recreation, we provide the RSPB with rudd for their bittern projects around the UK, along with CEFAS for their work into cormorant predation. Other projects include feeding otters, midge/mosquito control and polyculture systems.

All consents required by the Environment Agency and CEFAS can be obtained by ourselves to ensure smooth running of any operation.

Please get in touch to discus your individual needs.

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