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Newt Surveys
Newt Surveys


The Framlingham Environmental team carry out practical work and can produce reports on pond, lake and other environmental projects throughout East Anglia.

We focus on:Great Crested Newt & Reptile surveys, Habitat Surveys, Managing and the removal of Coarse Fish Stocks, Aquatic Weed Control, Water Quality Testing, Aquatic planting schemes, Ultra Fine Chalk, Pollution and bank side maintenance including revetment work.

Our report, will be backed up in practical terms, of the cost and how the work can be carried out.

Great Crested and Biodiversity reports, are often requested in planning applications. These reports or informal verbal recommendations are based on sound experience and can be backed up by realistic costs of implementation.

Framlingham Environmental are not just consultants, with 28 years knowledge and practical experience, backed up with the qualifications, we are the team to follow up recommendations.

Undertaking the work required with our own staff, from our base in Suffolk, we will personally supervise all projects every step of the way.

We organise the dewatering of ponds and lakes, ensuring minimal environmental damage.

Please get in touch to discuss any requirements you may have.

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